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About Me

The Aunties are a three man band birthed in Micky B's garage on the Gold Coast in 2016. The members are angst teens that go by the names Jarad Birt (Guitar/Vox), Zaac Thompson (Bass/Vox)and Michael Birt (Drums). Michael and Jarad have both been playing for six years, Zaac has been playing for three. Some of our influences include Pantera ,Tool and Nirvana. The boys have been playing around local venues for a year and are hoping gain more followers that like their music.

Genres Metal
Members Michael Birt, Jarad Birt, Zaac Thompson
Influences Nirvana, tool, Pantera
Phone 0466784611
Email theauntiesband@yahoo.com
Website TheAunties.weebly
Location Gold Coast, QLD Australia


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