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About Me

Hammer Switch are a 5 piece high-octane dynamic rock band hailing from God's country; Cronulla, NSW. The band has been dropping the hammer and flipping the switch for a little over a year now, however this short amount of time only belies the quality of the music that we as a band produce. Coming together as mates, old and new, with decades of musical know-how shared between us, we had been united by a hunger to put rock & roll of all forms back into the spotlight. Put simply, we are looking to make our dreams a reality, chase our passions and give the people what they really want. We pride ourselves on delivering high energy shows around the local area and wherever anyone will have us. So, regardless of whether you're into thumping ballads that give you them feels, or prefer balls out / ink out riffs combined with face-melting solos resurrected from the 80's, Hammer Switch has the prescription you need.

Genres Rock
Members Mitchel johnson : singer
Chad helman : lead guitarist
Angus dietz. : Rhythm
Kurt dietz. :drums
Blaise Marino Shaw : bass
Influences All rock
Phone 0420896400
Email mitchjohnson83@hotmail.com
Location Sydney, NSW Australia


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