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About Me

White Water released their first EP (War God) in early 2017. The band is very excited about these tracks, as they capture the band in its natural live rock state. This EP is all about what the band does live... pure energy and raw emotion. This EP is for hard rock fans! If you are after a more orchestrated sound, you'll have to wait for the next EP... but you won't have to wait long because the band is back in the studio at Max Trower's Bellingen Records recording their next EP "Stripped bare".

The band taste's best in a live performance... so keep your eyes out at your local venue websites to catch a live gig or check the GIGS tab.

Genres Blues, Rock, Alternative
Members Vocals | Donna Moy
Vocals & Bass | Brad Ross
Vocals & Drums | Cory Blight
Vocals & Guitar | David Gilchrist
Influences Classic Australian and International Rock bands
Phone 0407 542 439
Email david.gilchrist8@bigpond.com
Website http://davidjgilchrist.wixsite.com/whitewater
Location Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia

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