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About Me

"The V DUBS are arguably the tightest Rock covers band in Newcastle. There sound is unmistakably similar to the artists they cover eg
AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters to name a few.

They create their own type of energy and performance with not an ounce of sweat left at the end of the night. Its all about kicking the proverbial they say. Lead Singer / Guitarist Richard Boyle believes if you are not totally spent by the end of the show you haven't done your job.

Likewise said of the experienced musicians behind him Shane Crooks - Bass and Drummer Adam Porcu. With many years of experience behind them they say its time to bring the old "SCHOOL OF ROCK" back.

Other artists you will here from the V Dubs are Kings Of Leon, Nickelback, Silverchair, Bon Jovi, Choir Boys, Guns & Roses, Nirvana, Blink 182 and many others.

Genres Pop, Rock
Members Richard Boyle - Guitar / Vocals
Tony Hannah- Bass / Vocals
Kyle Hartcher - Drums
Phone Whirlwind Entertainment: (02) 4933 8799
Email paul@whirlwindent.com
Location Newcastle, NSW Australia



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