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About Me

You can't describe music with words just as you can't whistle a book.
Music and words together make a song. The Urban Guerillas write songs.
Songs about love, about money, about confusion, about the truth.
Songs about the idiot next door, songs about big brother, and little sister.
Songs about traffic jams, social change, boredom, sex, stress, envy, greed, drugs, tolerance, solidarity, ............
Songs to make you laugh, songs to make you cry, and songs to make you go YEAH!
It's mostly about a working person's view, it's all about entertainment!
It's the soundtrack to the revolution!

Genres Garage, Hard Rock, Pop, Punk, Rock
Members Ken Stewart guitar/vox
Michael Elsley drums/vox
Phil Paviour bass/vox
Influences The Clash, Midnight Oil, Spy V Spy, Greenday, The Who, Small Faces
Phone 0418 651 150
Email helloguerillas@yahoo.com
Website www.urbanguerillas.com
Location South East, NSW Australia


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