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About Me


Thomas Macokatic was born into music. Being the youngest of six kids, his elder siblings paved a creative and somewhat fluid musical road. His younger years were spent immersed in jam sessions around his home. His mother painted their bedrooms with murals of iconic artists such as, Jim morrison and Jimi Hendrix. The journey to becoming a singer songwriter for Thomas, can be described as more of a rite of passage.

This same innate and natural vibration is reflected in his craft. With no classical training, Thomas has a courageous expression. His techniques are learnt from his travells and surrounding musical community. Guitar, piano and vocals are his main tools to which he has been creating an explosion of alternate, folk-rock.

Currently, his music has grown from a soloist to a five piece band, that traverses the South East Coast of Australia. The band is comprised of five main members, Thomas on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Gabe Argiris on drums, Nathan Richards on lead guitar, Dan Zyderveld on bass and Victoria Stanmore on violin and backup vocals.

Genres Acoustic, Alternative, Folk, Indie, Rock, Soul, Spiritual
Members Thomas Macokatic - Voice/guitar
Dan Zyderveld - Bass guitar
Gabe Argiris - Drums
Nathan Richards - Guitar
Victoria Stanmore - Violin/Vocals
Influences eddie vedder - jim morrison - supertramp - radiohead
Phone 0421 514 505
Email ThomasMacokatic@gmail.com
Website facebook.com/thomasmacokaticmusic
Location Newcastle, NSW Australia


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