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About Me

“Music is a therapy, a remedy, a tonic. It is a communication far more powerful than
words, far more immediate, far more efficient.”

Therapist is a four piece Brisbane rock group who have been working hard over the
last year to reveal what has been missing in the Australian music scene. Executing a
fine blend of styles, the group consolidates into an experience that is only possible
with their diverse musical backgrounds.
The rhythm section consists of Nick Keogh on Drums and Tom Logan on Bass.
Nick, a proficient Jazz musician, ventured to China in 2013 with a Brisbane Jazz
band, showcasing his talent at the Tutti World Music Festival. It was this experience,
amongst others, that inspired him to fuse his love for progressive rockers like Tool
and Karnivool with the colour and groove of Jazz.
Tom, with an orchestral background has been breaking his neck in the Death Metal
scene for years with acts Internal Devour and Inhailed. When together, the outcome
is a somewhat complex, but always driving and musical rhythm section.
This multiplex pulse is fully capitalised upon by front man Zach Eather. Impelled by his
appreciation and passion for Classic Rock, Zach brings powerful melodies and
dominant vocals to the table; influenced by the most formidable vocalists and
storytellers to grace Modern Pop and Rock music. It was during his study at the
John Martin Cass (JMC) University in Brisbane that Zach met lead guitarist, Eric
Moors, who adds incredible chops and song writing nous to the mix.
During his teen years, Eric initially found influence in 6-string Metal titans like
Pantera and Metallica. Soon after attending JMC University, Eric broadened his
influences to Fusion artists like Guthrie Govan and more interesting pop artists like
Kimbra. Eric is respected for his musical mastery, having supported many
internationally acclaimed acts such as King Parrot, The Black Dahlia Murder and
Cattle Decapitation with the Thrash/Death Metal band Amicable Treason.
Forming in late 2016, the group have compiled a live set that best showcases their
distinct sound and musical skill which, when combined with their imposing yet
inviting stage presence, high-energy, and raw chemistry, results in a completely
entertaining journey for all audiences. Now, in 2018, Therapist’s hard work over the
last year in the home studio has finally paid off, releasing their debut, self-titled EP.
Completely self-produced, the EP contains four of the band’s most powerful tracks
and encapsulates Therapist’s diverse sound and songwriting skills in one cohesive
Don't miss your chance to be treated.

Genres Progressive Rock
Members Eric Moors - Lead Guitar
Nick Keogh-Peel - Drums
Zach Eather - Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals
Tom Logan - Bass
Influences Karnivool, Tool, Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Bruce Springsteen, John Butler, Rage Against the Machine
Phone 0429119536
Email keoghpeeln@gmail.com
Location Brisbane, QLD Australia


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