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About Me

The Eerie Things, a 5 piece band based in Byron Bay, have an eerie vibe influenced by the likes of Pink Floyd and Alice Cooper, with a dash of good old Aussie rock.

Lead singer and guitarist, Andy Bambach, has been writing great rock songs with a variety of bands from Melbourne, Perth and Byron for a few decades now, and here he gets together with a group of like minded musicians. With the soulful backing vocals of Rae Stanton and with Richard Seccull, Steve Elias and Garry Fenton on guitar, bass and drums, the band has come up with a highly original and eclectic sound that is both rock’n roll and meaningful!

Dive in and peel off the layers of each song to find the deeper messages while really getting into the vibe. Psychedelic rock at it’s best!

Their debut album Under a Canopy of Stars was released in April 2018

Genres Alternative, Indie, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic, Rock
Members Andy Bambach
vocals, guitar

Garry Fenton
drums, percussion

Richard Seccull
rhythm and lead guitar

Steve Elias
bass, keyboard

Rae Stanton
Influences Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop
Phone 0414775865
Email andybambach@me.com
Website www.theeeriethings.com
Location Northern Rivers, NSW Australia


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