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About Me

Syntax Error are a four piece Sydney guitar band that might strike some as post-rock, others as psychedelic and still others as the last outpost of a darker kind of Prog. This all-of-the-above comes from each member bringing their own unique sensibility to the music.

Most of their pieces are born out of improvising and letting those disparate influences create friction against each other, which leads to either harsh combustion or new and strange mutations. The music blurs spontaneity with composition, melody with noise, chaos with structure, light with shade.

Syntax Error are always an immersive experience

Genres Alternative, Indie, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic
Members Ben Aylward - Guitar, Vocals
Matthew Syres - Guitar, Theremin, Effects
Peter Yates - Bass
Ben Eadie - Drums
Influences Sigor Ros, God Speed, You Black Emperor, Mogwai, The Church, Sleep Makes Waves
Phone 0422871327
Email info@stabinthedarkrecords.com
Website www.syntaxerror.net.au
Location Sydney, NSW Australia


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