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About Me

Steno & Gracey' are an exciting Geelong born duo who have been playing around the country for the past 4 years. Heath Stenton, plays his much loved Maton acoustic guitar whilst stomping away on his stomp box and also managing to belt out a tune through his unique voice. Heath has been playing around Geelong and surrounding areas for the past 8 years in duos and also as a soloist. Bret Grace plays his Tenor Saxophone and also throws in the odd vocal harmony too. Bret, otherwise known to many both in Geelong and at Skandia Week as Saxalone, has been playing the Geelong scene and surroundings for the past 20 years in both bands, duo's, and as a successful soloist.
'Steno & Gracey' play all styles of music – from the 60’s to now - cruisy ballads through to energetic country songs - all styles of dinner music including classic covers from the 80's that everyone loves to sing along with - right up to a selection of today’s hits.

Genres Acoustic
Members Heath Stenton (Steno) & Bret Grace (Gracey)
Phone 0419 500 316
Email bret.j.grace@nab.com.au
Website http://stenoandgracey.webs.com/
Location Geelong, VIC Australia


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