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About Me

Starting on the pots and pans at 2 years of age, gigging at 12....at the back of a triangular stage, I slowly grew a desire to be out the front as a vocalist. I began writing poetry in my teens and after a psychotic episode in 2010, I began my journey of writing songs. I deliberately tried to write in as many different styles as possible, with a general motif associated to consciousness, and the experiences within, covering a scope of looking at both the real and sometimes negative, and to then associate all of these struggles with positivity and hope. I intended my music to be healing and helpful and enjoyable for as many walks of life as possible. This journey has unraveled into so many amazing experiences and growth, and I intend to keep writing and sharing music in this fashion, and hope people enjoy it. :)

Genres ALL (Genres), Indie, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Spiritual
Members Shannan Fitzgerald, Zach Fitzgerald, Cory Robinson, other assorted featuring artists
Influences Incubus, Tool, Dream Theater, Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, Superheist, Melodyssey, Faith no More, Audioslave, Rage against the Machine, Soundgarden, Nahko, Michael Franti, local artists
Phone 0421412341
Email Fitzy_113@hotmail.com
Location Mackay Region, QLD Australia


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