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About Me

From his first gig in 2008 at Hyde Bar, where he went on to land his first residency, it was clear that this was the beginning of Shameless’ dominance in the Melbourne dance scene.

As a self-taught DJ and producer, he has dabbled in all aspects of the EDM world. Trying his hand at events, Shameless helped to resurrect Mothership (which sat at the forefront of Melbourne scene during its peak in the 90’s), and he was also involved in launching Lab22 at OMG and at the Palace Theatre. Working his way up the ranks, he has gained the interest and support of other artists in Australia, traveling around from one underground EDM hub to the next, and playing regularly at Cloud Nine, Wah Wah Lounge and Circus. He truly has earned a place playing alongside the big guns of the Big Room House in Melbourne.

In 2010 he joined Joel Fletcher, Samual James, Stevie Mink and Kalus to play weekly for Melbourne club Wah Wah Lounge. It was here that he realised the potential to branch out and start producing music for his sets, a decision which proved to be in the right direction for the Melbournian who then went on to land a residency at Noizy Neighbours, the biggest Thursday night event in Melbourne’s East.

On the production front he is starting to make huge strides with every passing day. His remix of Adele’s “Skyfall” in 2013 propelled him into the centre of Melbourne’s EDM, while more recently he gained huge exposure in USA and Europe for his remix of DJ Snake’s “Turn Down for What”. Over the last year Shameless has been working hard on releasing new music, and there is no doubt that he is set to cement his reputation as one of the world’s most exciting producers and DJs.



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