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About Me

Secret Solis are a folk, rock and blues band featuring male / female vocal harmonies that range from ethereal and reflective, to engaging and gritty.

Exploring the complexities of life through music, Secret Solis engenders an appeal that is universal.

"Epic, entrancing, soul quenching music that transports you to another place" - Sky Rixon (Owner, Elixir Tapas Bar, Cairns)

“Beautiful, warm and rich vocal harmonies. Makes me feel like crying, dancing and laughing. These guys really have something.” - James Sanger (U2, The Cure, Sinead O’Connor)

“I rate this album alongside my best production work with The Tea Party.” - Jeff Martin (The Tea Party)

Secret Solis was formed in 2012 when Cairns based singer/ songwriter, Kian Eder met Cally Pysden, a pianist and singer/ songwriter from Adelaide. Before meeting Cally, Kian's music was heavily influenced by bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Tea Party and A Perfect Circle. Collaborating with Cally added a new dimension to Kian’s vision, elevating the music to new heights with her soaring ethereal vocals the likes of Enya, Dido, Sia and Amy-Lee.

Secret Solis debut EP, Deep Down was produced by Jeff Martin (The Tea party) and released in 2017. The duo were thrilled to also have Terepai Richmond (The Whitlams) join them on drums for the recording sessions. The album is reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s driving acoustic rock, and the ethereal ballads of Pink Floyd. The Album received a 3.9 star rating from Devide and Conquer Music in 2017. http://www.divideandconquermusic.com/indie-music-album-reviews/secret-solis-deep-down

The Duo / Band has since showcased their album in Australia joining with premier musicians to deliver raw and exciting live shows that feature epic, improvised jam components.

Seriously world-class performances - Andrew Brassett (The Brassett Hounds)

Genres Acoustic, Blues, Folk, Hard Rock, Indie, Psychedelic
Members Kian Eder - Guitars and Vocals
Cally Pysden - Keys and Vocals
Mitch Callander - Lead Guitar and Vocals
Torres Bradley-Webb - Bass and Vocals
Nick Penna - Drums
Influences The Tea Party, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Ben Harper, Massive Attack, Angus and Julia Stone, London Gramma, Evanescence, A Perfect Circle, Porcupine Tree, Smasjing Pumkins
Phone 0431522362
Email music@secretsolis.com
Website https://secretsolis.com/
Location Cairns, QLD Australia



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