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About Me

Together Kevin and Jason are great entertainers . Red Dice are the only 2 piece doing Rockabilly – Rock n Roll in Australia. This show is something to be seen and their unique sound and punch will blow your mind.
A must see act you will want to see again . Red Dice push the boundaries by mixing, traditional and modern Rockabilly and have their own style and sound that no one else has achieved in the modern day they have captured that 50s sound .
If you want to dance, have a great time and see an exceptional show, this 2 piece outfit is old school with a twist. Red Dice will entertain and are made up of talented individuals who each have a long history playing Rockabilly - Rock n Roll.
Watching red dice is as if you have traveled back to the 50s in the early days
Elvis - johnny cash - johnny Burnett - Eddie Cochran used the the same set up arrangements as the boys do today with a modern edge on it .The band can be two three sometimes a four piece depending on the demand of the venue with the addition of either sax piano drums .

Kev comes from the U.K. with his early years being around the Stray Cat scene in London. He is well known in the Rockabilly-Rock n Roll circle. Kev is a very accomplished double bass player (slapper) and is a wild man on bass. Kev’s unique chrome double bass and his amazing slap playing is second to none. You have never seen a double bass like Kev’s. He's on fire when playing and has great vocal ability and is always pushing the vocals hard.
Jason Kafoa started singing and playing guitar from a young age. He comes from a long line of talented musicians who have been playing music on the Gold Coast for 50 years, and are much respected in the industry.
Jason has a strong, powerful and distinguished voice which captivates people as soon as they hear it. His dynamic vocals, teamed with his guitar playing are solid. He knows his licks and has quality gear that produces a great sound.
Jason’s approach to music is of a high standard and very professional always giving 110%. He has fronted some of the biggest bands to come out of the Gold Coast

Genres Rock, Rockabilly
Members Kevin Michael Harris -vocals- slap double bass -
Jason Kafoa guitar vocals
Influences Stray Cats, The Clash, The Living End, Green Day early 50s rock n roll modern style rock n roll rockabilly you can dance too.
Phone 0412 368 568
Email kev1harris@hotmail.com
Location Gold Coast, QLD Australia


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