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About Me

“Her voice is raw, honest and endearing
and her songs are earthy and full of grit.”
Andrea Kirwin

Kings Beach resident Ra writes simple songs about complex things: love, loss, longing and addiction. There’s theatricality in her narrative style and her lyrics are peppered with sly wordplay. Even though you've never heard the tunes before you’ll find yourself humming one-or-other after the show.

“My best friend got into hard drugs and prostitution. My grandfather gambled away millions of dollars. I’ve spent my life as a wanderer. Chasing something… Independence? Open-mindedness? A desire for upheaval? I got all of that, and more… My songs are these stories.” Says Ra.

With Dave on drums and Paul on Bass, RA and the Bone Tree’s sound is not quite Country or Rock or Folk though it’s a nod and a wink to all three. They have a vintage sound that’s not an exercise in nostalgia. RA and the Bone Tree will welcome fiddle and pedal steel when the album is recorded. For now they are a three-piece.

RA and the Bone Tree aim to record, release and tour their debut album during 2019.

RA co-wrote ‘Rockstar’ with Ian McManus (of Brisbane’s Dirty Liars). A favourite on 4ZZZ, and title track for surfing video ‘Xpress Yourself’.* RA will support ZStar Trinity in early October and Ra and the Bone Tree debut in late October.

DAVE, New Zealand born drummer of Samoan heritage has played with glam rock stalwarts Glitter Gang and Sabbath tribute outfit Masters of Reality before filling the chair for pop/punk maestros Daylight Army then on to experimental prog/desert rockers Tin Foil Army. As an artist whose style transcends any single genre his heart would beat to the rhythm of powerful and at first glance uncomplicated songwriting [think Adalita, PJ Harvey, Mark Lanegan]. Perfect then, that he gets to lay roots with Ra and the Bone Tree.

Genres Alternative, Folk, Indie, Country Rock
Members Ra, Guitar, Vocals,
Dave, Drums
Paul, Bass

*All songs copyright RA (Rachel Anning) October 2018
Influences Patti Smith, Bob Dylan, Morphine, PJ Harvey, Mark Lanegan, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen
Phone 0449141175
Email raandthebonetree@gmail.com
Location Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia



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