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About Me

When you live in the heat you bring the heat, hailing from the sunny F.N.Q area is the Red Eye Balaz or R.3.B!!~! R.3.B is a hip hop group Consisting of 5 members, 4 lyricists and a dj with each member bringing there own unique style and sound, that's all joined in force by the love of music to sound as good as it gets!!~! R.3.B Have rocked numerous shows at all sorts of venues from festivals such as Didgerizoo to Coalescence, all the way to supporting Coolio in Cairns they have the vibe and the music to make it work anywhere. From deep thought full tunes to the banging beats and bars that never fail to get a crowd bouncing, We will not be sub-classed. Hip-Hop from Australia, Not Australian Hip-Hop!!~!


B.S.K (Bala Sound Killa)
E.T.P (Elijah The Profit)
T.R.U.T.H.H (Truly Reunited Universally Through Hip Hop)
Just Jammo

Genres Hip Hop
Members B.S.K- vocal
E.T.P- vocal
T.R.U.T.H.H- vocal
OSA- vocal
Just Jammo- D.J
Influences ..... where do you start ........
Phone 0439376012
Email jpjm4879@outlook.com
Location Cairns, QLD Australia


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