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About Me

Sunshine Coast 4 piece 'Psycho Honeymoon' have spent their short time as a unit, shaping and honing their sound into something very unique and powerful and are quickly gaining a reputation for their emotional, face melting, 'wall of sound' approach to their music.

Coming together in late 2017, with guitars tuned lowwwww, ex 'Kombi Killers' Jason Johnston (guitar) and Nic Thorne (bass) forge their Psycho stylings predominantly from the Stoner Rock genre, with deep, heavy riffs akin the the sounds of bands like Kyuss and Electric Wizard, but also with a healthy sprinkling of Punk, Prog and everything else Guitar-rock.

The boys are backed by the power hitting drummer Dave Thorne, whose clean yet unconventional style, makes for tunes that instantly get the head nodding, but retain ample intrigue to make multiple listens a must.

Out front, vocalist Adam Morris (Pith Helmet) gives voice to the creamy rock goodness the band supplies, by way of vocal stylings compared to well known vocalists such as Chris Cornell, Brandon Boyd & Maynard Keenan among others.

The four individuals have combined to develop a sound which is quickly gaining praise from many a seasoned muso on the Brisbane scene, and as they expand as a unit and continue to grow and create, expect to see these guys on the national scene in the not too distant future.

Genres Alternative, Grunge, Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Rock
Members Drums - Dave
Bass - Nic
Guitar - Jason
Vocals - Ads
Influences Kyuss, Red Fang, Sleep, Electric Wizard, Soungarden, Tool & pretty much everything else too!!
Phone (Ads) 0432268277 or (Jason) 0419552301
Email thepsychohoneymoon@gmail.com
Location Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia


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