A Tribute To Prince (feat. Hot Fox): Raspberry Beret --- Music on the Spot at Honeysuckle Hotel

A musical tribute to Prince.

It has been an emotional week for many with the sudden passing of Prince. As has been said before, we don't cry not because we knew them, but cry because they helped us know ourselves. This episode, we celebrate Prince's music the best way we can by bringing you Hot Fox's awesome acoustic version of "Raspberry Beret" live on the deck of The Honeysuckle Hotel on Newcastle Harbour.

Hot Fox rises out of the ashes of the unforgettable Newcastle band, Little Hornet. Ty Penshorn and Rupert Jenner (along with their good friend Vinny on drums) reunited for one weekend of exciting shows across the ANZAC long weekend in Newcastle.

Find Little Hornet on Facebook (where they still post updates about upcoming gigs as Hot Fox): https://www.facebook.com/Hornet-266755503363027/

See their brand profile here: https://www.musosgarage.com/hot-fox

With thanks to Honeysuckle Hotel for permitting us to film at such an iconic location. https://www.facebook.com/honeysucklehotel


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Filmed by Peter Bower and Bob Corbett.


Song: Raspberry Beret
Writer: Prince
Label: Paisley Park
Publisher: Island Music Ltd.

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