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About Me

The Rockin' Eddie Band (T.R.E.B) formed in late 2010, and performed live for the very first time at Sydney's Biggest Indoor Rock and Roll event.

T.R.E.B's mission is to accommodate all forms of 40s, 50s and 60s rhythms and dance steps in a modern yet classical form.

Styles of music performed varies from Rock and Roll, Swing, Rockabilly, Jazz and Country.

Genres Country, Jazz, Rock'n'Roll
Members Rockin' Eddie - Local Vocal/Sax
Theo Penglis - Keyboard
John Russell - Lead Guitar/Lead Rhythm Guitar
Mark Roulston - Bass
Steve Lovarini - Drums
Phone Rockin' Eddie Curmi on 0412 005 807
Email curmirock@dodo.com.au
Website www.curmirock.com.au
Location Sydney, NSW Australia


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