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About Me

The Hangovers are a unique bunch of fine fellows and gals that over the last few years have come together to enjoy performing on stage with each other.
Jason Hill has performed for The Voice, All together now and with many other Australian musicians.
Shane Wootton is a trained music teacher for one of our local schools. A walking duke box.
Neil Smith is a refined bass player doing session work and has appeared with different Beatles concept shows.
Marty Shuster is one mean drummer but also a radio announcer. ( HI )
Guy White has spent many years in the music industry as a sound engineer. Playing guitar was his second choice.
Helvi Fields joined our band and loved us all. She adds the woman's touch to a bunch of blokes. Sings like a demon.
Stephen Parkin not only plays guitar and sings but puts out fires. He has been a rewarding asset.
Karen Shearen is the bands inspiration. We look forward to every time she can sing with us.
Jamie Walker was a chance meeting that has lasted for a few years being a talented guitarist singer with a style.

Genres Easy Listening, Party, Rock
Members Jason Hill
Stephen Parkin
Helvi Fields
Neil Smith
Guy White
Marty Schuster
Shane Wootton
Mel Preston
Karen Shearen
Jamie Walker
Phone 0400189661
Email wneepl@gmail.com
Location Central Coast, NSW Australia


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