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About Me

There’s something beautifully strange about Parker Avenue’s music. Taking familiar elements and rearranging them in a completely new and thought-provoking way, the Perth four-piece can take you to moments of ’80s anthem-rock bravado, or ’90s grunge simplicity, but in a most peculiar manner - with elongated, jazz-like melodies and unpredictable musical shifts at every turn.
The band’s second EP, It Isn’t Dead, is just a power house: the searing vocals and guitar of frontman Pete Ashton, the fat-as-fuck rhythm section of Vassya Shevstov and Lorree Dragovich, and the perfectly-placed violin of Emily Vershuer - culminating in an enthralling musical experience that demands multiple listens.

Genres Alternative, Progressive Rock
Members Mike Palmer
Andi Paterson
Peter Ashton
Influences Everytime I Die, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Billy Joel, Karnivool,
Phone 0439301718
Email parkeravenue@live.com.au
Website https://www.facebook.com/parkeravenueband
Location Whitsundays, QLD Australia


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