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About Me

New Black Shades are an alternate 90’s influenced pop/rock Band from Newcastle
on the east coast of Australia. Growing up in the small surf town of Redhead in the
90’s, the boys have always had riffs running through their blood with the ocean
swirling in their minds and have been writing purposeful groovy music since early
The Shades sound is heavily influenced by alternate rock bands from the 1990’s
and early 2000’s with phat groovy drum beats, funky bass lines, high energy riffs,
melodic powerful vocals and memorable catchy hooks.
New Black Shades have created their own unique style of rock which encapsulates
everything they are about and represents where they are from. The production of all
their material is top shelf and the use of 3 part vocal harmonies has become one of
the trademarks of the band.
The soundscape of their music is built on a strong foundation of, (The Engine
Room), featuring Casey Bellamy on Drums bringing his powerful and energetic
beats with his big personality along with Lewis Pink on Bass packing the songs with
effortless and instinctive tones which implant themselves within your soul and
release themselves through your feet.
(Brothers Up Front), featuring Lucas Campton on keys adding many layers and
mixtures to the recipe which spawn depth and vastness to the songs with use of
multiple genres & instruments adding a panoramic perspective to the sonic
Ricky Campton transports his musical journal through his vocals, with heartfelt
delivery, which while is delicate at times is brutal at others combining and
culminating in an overall truly distinctive and nostalgic sound which is New Black

Genres Rock
Members Ricky Campton (Rick Shades)
Lucas Campton (Luc Shades)
Lewis Pink (Spink)
Casey Bellamy (Belzy
Influences Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, Incubus, Linkin Park, Rage Against the Machine
Phone 0434112874
Email newblackshades@gmail.com
Website www.newblackshades.com
Location Newcastle, NSW Australia

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