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About Me

“Holy s***! How did you get the bass to sound like that?”
Quite a common question that Muules encounter after every live set. The Sunshine Coast (QLD) alt-rock trio blend pedal wizardry, big rock beats, and unique, powerful and passionate vocals into a rhythmic, grungy, and at times progressive, sound.
Taking cues from Royal Blood & Death From Above 1979, Muules ditch the guitar and let the rhythm section take over, making for an explosive live set with nods to influences such as Nirvana, Soundgarden, Grinspoon and Muse.
Having supported Ecca Vandal, (Dune Rats prodigies) Pandamic, Hobo Magic and more, Muules will be serving up their debut EP, ‘In The Lines Between’ (produced by Brian Goodworth, mastered by Paul Blakey (Amy Shark) ) in August 2018.
This is not your average run-of-the-mill trio. This is Muules.

Genres Alternative, Grunge, Rock
Members Rhys Fox
Nathan Vasey
Nicholas Boardman
Influences Soundgarden, Royal Blood, Grinspoon, Muse
Email muulesband@gmail.com
Website muulesband.com
Location Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia


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