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About Me

Mardy Leith & Grant Mugridge are both local Newcastle lads, Schooled at Belmont High.

They developed a love for Music at an early age and began lessons from 10 years onwards. They have been Tutored for years by some of Newcastle’s Finest Musicians...

(Wayne Simpson, Kevin O’Hara and Greg McKew, to name a few).

After Performing in the industry for 7 years along the East Coast, the boys have compiled an impressive repertoire of over 300 Classic Rock and Top 40 Hits.

"So if you are ready for Rockin' it to the MAX... Better Get MARDMAX!"

Genres Pop, Rock, Acoustic, Funk
Members Mardy Leith, Frontman Vocalist & Guitarist
Grant Mugridge, Backing Vocals & Bass Guitarist
Cooper Randall, Drums (Trio only)
Influences Top 40 & Classic Rock primarily from the 80's
Phone Genr8 Entertainment: (02) 4955 9450
Email bookings@genr8ent.com.au
Location Newcastle, NSW Australia


Past Gigs