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About Me

Heavy, funky, pop rock. Sydney based. Hungry to play as much as we can because we got riffs for you. Mad Rambles began in 2016 as guitarist Alex Geary and singer Ellis Mitchell. After some lineup changes Andre Sauzier and Alistair Bennett joined as current bassist and drummer respectively. Our sound is a mix funk rock to more contemporary pop-rock lol. Debut EP ‘Freaky’ is out on all platforms shortly! We will continue to explore the Sydney scene and beyond in 2019.

Genres Alternative, Funk, Indie, Pop, Rock
Members Ellis Mitchell - Vocals
Alex John Geary - Guitar
Andre Sauzier - Bass
Alistair Bennett - Drums
Phone 0432641509
Email info@monumentproductions.com.au
Website https://www.monumentproductions.com.au/mad-rambles
Location Sydney, NSW Australia


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