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About Me

Headcage is the music child of singer Glyn Major and south-american multi-instrumentalist Christian Schmidt (aka Voodoo Schmidt) who met during music school. The project started as both shared a love for 90 and 70 rock bands and enjoyed each others personal projects.
Together and with the help of friends they created their homonymous first band full album. The album mixes classic rock songs, new psychedelic sounds and musical landscapes using multiple stereo and high definition binaural recordings.

For live shows they band has become popular by their innovative light shows, inviting accomplished musicians for jams and displaying their virtuoso singing and guitar performances.
The band has a new lineup and is preparing their full album tour for summer 2018
Headcage 2018®©™

Genres Rock, Spiritual
Members Glyn Major
Christian Schmidt
Pat Tiley (2018 line up)
Daniel Hitzke (2018 line up)
Influences Pink Floyd, Wolfmother, Chris Cornell and maaaany bands from the 70s and 90s
Phone 0402631255
Email xmit7@hotmail.com
Location Brisbane, QLD Australia


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