Name Dinner Under the Stars with Tailor Birds
Venue Nimbin Bush Theatre
Starts Friday, 16 March 2018 @ 7:00pm
Finishes Friday, 16 March 2018 @ 10:00pm
Genres Alternative, Folk
Admission By Donation

With a solid foundation of classical, folk, and independent artistry, Tailor Birds are a fresh and engaging sound, turning traditional folk sounds into something untraditional and always surprising. With electronics, percussion, and combining live looping, and foley work featuring bubbling water, little games, and toys, sound sources are transformed into creative sounds and entrancing performances.

The Tailor Birds sound is back in Australia, returning from a 5th European summer tour. 2018 looks set to be a big year, which sees Sophie Kinston, the force behind the band, touring Australia wide, a 6th european tour steadily being booked, combined with the release of 2 new records, and a possible 3rd album set to be recorded.

Sophie Kinston, front woman, electric violinist and creative force behind the Tailor Birds sound, says she is thrilled to be playing the Nimbin Bush Theatre's Dinner under the Stars, bringing along her new didge / drummer, this is set to be a great concert.

With the release of new lullaby, 'Stilts on the Water', in mid Feb 2018, this is thrilling electric violin, world folk at its' finest, and music at its' most raw. Weaving through classical, experimental and folk inspirations, Tailor Birds builds an audience that is as diverse as much as it is one, telling tales about love, loss, hopes, dreams, that anything is possible. Connecting their people to something good again, in a world that is constantly changing, this is music to inspire, ignite the spirit, and challenge our inner most desires.nRecorded in northern Holland, in the Dutch forests, at the end of their 5th European tour, "Stilts on the Water" it's very much an international record with musicians featured from the UK, Holland, Australia, and further afield, and this even extends to the album artwork via artist from Ecuador, Victor Toapanta Salazar.