Name Phil Barlow & The Wolf - 'Blues on Broadbeach' (Upstairs stage)
Venue The Envy Hotel
Starts Saturday, 20 May 2017 @ 9:00pm
Finishes Saturday, 20 May 2017 @ 10:15pm
Genres Blues, Rock, Funk, Reggae
Admission Free

Fearless in his songwriting, Phil Barlow is an Australian musician bringing a new wave of rock, blues and funk fusion with his band, The Wolf. Their shows will take you on a groove-inducing journey exploring fear, passion, desire and release and when Phil Barlow and The Wolf finish the last song, you'll literally howl for more!

“A quickly captivated audience were treated to a run of robust rock/blues tracks that forced our limbs to move and created an overwhelming urge to “yewp yewp yeeeoowl!!” at the end of every song. If he is the ‘big bad wolf’ then I have no doubt there were a few wannabe Red Riding Hoods in the audience who wouldn’t kick him out of bed for having big ears and sharp teeth.”

— Jasmine Gailer, MouthZoff Magazine

Since the release of their debut album, Phoenix Rising, in 2012 the band have enjoyed growing support from fans, media, events and venues, with regular shows, reviews and interviews in the region - including being invited to perform for the third year in a row at Mitchell Creek Rock N Blues Fest due to popular demand!

Phil Barlow and The Wolf are excited about the impending release of their sophomore album, The Awakening in 2015, which continues to boldly and unashamedly reflect Phil’s personal experiences, exploring themes of ego, love, desire, self-belief and emotional freedom. Musically, the album captures a stronger, fuller, groove-inducing sound, embodying everything we have come to love of this dynamite band.