Name Snape Trilogy
Venue Bero Bowling Club
Starts Friday, 21 April 2017 @ 8:00pm
Genres Blues, Pop, Rock
Admission Free

Snape Trilogy, features two of the original Snape Brothers, who have now teamed up with the next generation of Snape to bring you a Trio with a fresh face and young ideas but with the same versatility that has long existed in all previous musical outfits.

Welcoming Lachlan Snape on lead guitar, lead vocals and harmonies, accompanied by Russell on rhythm guitar (both acoustic and electric) and Mick on bass guitar, both experienced lead vocalists, high quality computer backing files and a smooth sounding PA system. Their aim is to continue doing what they have done for many years; to give music lovers a unique listening experience while totally enjoying the whole performance.

Playing many familiar tunes that have endured over the years, while adding a touch of the modern influences, their music is their lives... and this shows in every performance. This, in turn, filters into the crowd, leaving them wanting more. There is nothing more enjoyable than to see someone who is passionate about his or her craft - and this is what they do.