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About Me

Cynthia, Joey, Rob, Lee and Tanya comprise Australia’s most vibrant cover band, dedicated to enveloping you in unrivalled kinaesthetic pleasure. The band members each contribute a wealth of knowledge through their varied backgrounds in the music industry. With over 45 years of combined experience in live performances, Frequency is sure to deliver an unforgettable show.

When this five-piece band takes to the stage, prepare yourself to succumb to an explosive wall of sound as guitarists Rob and Joey ignite their amps and rhythm section experts Lee and Tanya awaken the dance floor. Surrendering to the four-part harmonies colouring the powerful voices of the male and female lead singers, Joey and Cynthia, is inevitable.

A real crowd pleaser, the band’s repertoire is vast, appealing to every age and taste. Frequency is well versed in all the current Top 40 tunes along with the most popular 70s, 80s and 90s hits. Moving seamlessly from a blast-from-the-past song to a hot modern number, this band will have all the generations hitting the dance floor. A full list of songs is available on the Frequency website.

Frequency is the quintessential whole-package entertainment solution. Besides stimulating the audience’s senses through exceptional vocals and heart-thumping rhythm, the band’s on-stage antics entertain and engage the crowd, ensuring a high-energy atmosphere to the very last song. Available to play at pubs or clubs, corporate events and private functions, let Frequency make your night the one everyone will remember.

Genres Dance, Pop, Rock
Members Cynthia - Lead Vox
Joe - Lead Vox and Rhythm Guitar
Rob - Lead Guitar and Backing Vox
Tanya - Drums and Backing Vox
Lee - Bass Guitar
Phone 0408 583 743
Email frequencymusic01@gmail.com
Website www.frequencymusic.com.au
Location Melbourne, VIC Australia


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