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About Me

What do you get when you cross a straight edge vegan with a multi-instrumentalist/songwriter? None other than musical mastermind Evan Daly. Hard working, passionate and completely obsessed with creating hook driven music, Evan’s 70’s funk inspired guitar driven sounds will take over your mind, body and soul. Hypnotic, loop style drum and bass lines lay a solid foundation to meet all your grooving needs, while the musical blend of syncopated rhythm, advanced melody and harmony will take care of those that like their music to have that little extra sophistication. The vocals share a combination of Pop, RnB and hip-hop, along with Motown/soul inspired harmonies and backing vocals.

Having recently spent some time in NQ Studio The Rec Room, instrument by instrument, layer by layer, this social justice warrior laid down the foundation of what will become known as the “sound of Evan Daly”. From the first release With You Right Now, a modern pop song for everyone missing a loved one, to Change, the funk anthem set to challange the way society views its brothers and sisters in feathers and fur, to Running In A Straight Line, the song that will have you chasing your dreams, these songs are not only designed to get a dance floor going, but to spark thought.

Enter The Dysfunktionals, a 5 piece guitar and keyboard driven funk powerhouse which are set to hit the scene. Combining the professionalism and attention to detail of a modern pop band, and the on-the-fly improvisational skills of the jazz era, their energetic live show will not disappoint. Applying for various festivals as we speak, keep your eyes and ears pealed out as these new kids on the block are a force to be reckoned with.

Genres Acoustic, Funk, RnB, Soul
Members Evan Daly - Vocals/guitar
Dean Cavanagh - Keys
Adrian Priest - Drums
Mick Woodbridge - Guitar
Scott Ricketts - Bass
Influences James Brown, Michael Jackson, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Justin Timberlake
Email contact@evandaly.com.au
Website www.evandaly.com.au
Location Mackay Region, QLD Australia


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