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About Me

Erik Parker is a Melbourne based singer-songwriter. He spends his days concocting songs, and recording them in his garage, in Preston. His releases are self-produced and recorded, then mixed at home. 2018 brought a flurry of online releases, including a solo live-looping EP, and a series of singles featuring an assortment of session musicians. Current releases range from conventional live band arrangements, to live-looping, to experimental, sample-based music.

The ever-evolving sound is based in blues, soul, and rock, and has recently been flavoured with heavy gospel and dub influences, all tied together with live-looping, beat box, guitar, vocals and harmonica.

Find more info about Erik at erikparkermusic.com and the usual social media channels

Genres Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Rock, Soul
Members Erik Parker
Influences Beck, Tom Waits, Talking Heads, The Cruel Sea, David Bowie
Phone 0417 139 279
Email erikparkermusic@gmail.com
Website erikparkermusic.com
Location Melbourne, VIC Australia


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