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About Me

Erban Refugee are a contemporary rock band. The brainchild of Duncan Pearce who holed up on a mountain for too long in the Gold Coast hinterland writing songs.

Adding drummer Gags in September 2018 and bassist Mike in December of the same year, this three piece, with more than a hint of alternative 90's grunge, was complete.

Working quickly on their songs, Erban Refugee got to know each other over shared tea and mixed pastries. Within six months of their first rehearsal and a pleasant phone call with Michael Stavrou (of Air Studios and Mixing With Your Mind fame), Erban Refugee found themselves at the Byron Bay Sound Lounge for three days recording their songs.

A few live shows were thrown in for good measure and with more to come. A lot has been done in a short space of time.

Their first single "gone" was released in June 2020 with an album currently in the works.


Genres Alternative, Rock
Members Duncan - Guitar Vocals
Mike - Bass
Gags - Drums
Phone 0409016541
Email erbanrefugee@outlook.com
Website http://www.erbanrefugeeofficial.com/
Location Gold Coast, QLD Australia


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