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About Me

Endless valley are a new eclectic progressive band from London. Inspired by a wide range of progressive, psychedelic and world music, their sound ranges from driven, rhythmic and almost tribal to beautiful and melodic - with plenty of borders challenged in between.

The group consists of 4 musicians Cavdog (singer and rhythm guitarist), Shipwreck (bass player), Yar Marda (drummer) Loti (lead guitarist) Luna (singer and percussionist).

Cavdog had written whilst living in the dessert in Western Australia and fresh material surfaced rapidly and naturally during the jam sessions. Over long complex, mainly instrumental compositions, Cavdog who is also a film maker and editor often projects musically inspired emotive film reels to accompany the music and create a unique experience for those present.

Endless Valley are an experience that must be experienced.

Genres Folk, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic, Rock
Members Cavdog, Shipwreck, Yar Marda, Luna and Loti
Influences Goat Tool King Crimson Pond Tame Impala Pink Floyd Jimmy Hendrix Kyuss Color Haze Queens of the stone age Strokes King Gizzard & the Lizzard Wizzard Blind Melon Tinariwen Ersen Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Frank Zappa Doors Led Zeppelin The Velvet Underground Eloy Stone Temple Pilots Red Hot Chili Peppers Soundgarden Melvins Alice in Chains Jack White Nick Drake Robert Johnson Sun house Nick Cave Tom Waits Wolf & Cub God Grinderman Radio birdman Primus Morphine Jeff Buckley Tim Buckley
Phone 0487021334
Email bjschipp@gmail.com
Location Brisbane, QLD Australia


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