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About Me

In 1932 the Australian army declared war against the emus. No weapon nor solider stood a chance against the determination of these superior creatures: the Aussie army was defeated and the Emu population persists. This is a story of resilience, vengeance, and celebration. And Emu Vendetta wants to celebrate.

Like our feathered overlords, Emu Vendetta are on a mission of vengeance Rock’n’Roll. Think the riffs of Wolfmother, the beats of Black Keys, and the style of Jack White, blended together to create a mix of indie rock blues that you just can't resist.

Genres Rock
Members Alessio - Guitar and vocals
Fra - Bass
GB - Drums
Influences Wolfmother, The Black Keys, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters
Phone 0452645107
Email emuvendetta@gmail.com
Location Sydney, NSW Australia


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