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About Me

Daxton Monaghan lives to entertain” His familiarity with rock/blues has shown punters there is more to him than just a song. Daxton stage performance has character and bellows confidence. As a cover show artist you will be blown away by his guitar playing and vocals. Daxton has written songs with country Icon Bill Chambers and has also played alongside with Andy Kent from U AM I in the Cult tribute band as lead singer; and marked a place in the 2009 ISC awards with an admirable mention.

Genres Funk, Jazz, Soul, Blues, Country, Rock, Alternative, Americana, Grunge, Rock'n'Roll
Influences Hendrix, Tom Waits, David Bowie, Captain Beefheart, Fu Manchu, Mud honey, Love Battery, Nirvana,
Phone Fairplay Entertainment: 0423 492 248
Email bookings@fairplayentertainment.com.au
Website http://the-sweetlips.com/
Location Central Coast, NSW Australia

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