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About Me

Dan Doon is a rock soloist, covering music from the 80's through to todays hits.
No matter the occassion, Dan has played in back yards to town halls, Country gardens to beer gardens, club houses to RSL clubs. Yes, there is not many venues he hasn’t seen the inside of over the past 20 odd years.

This one man powerhouse performer has been described as have the tonal quality of Phil Collins mixed with the vocal raspiness of Joe Cocker. His guitar playing is energetic and thrills in ever performance.
Beginning his solo career in the 90s when creating and producing backing tracks was still a technical and creative feat, he has gone on to perform in many bands as a vocalist and guitarist. A 10 year stint fronting The Wizards of Oz Rock displayed his passion for Australian Rock.

He has also played in the Neily Diamond Show, The Filthy Free (rock &boogie band) and toured as a sound tech for touring theatre shows.
Now offering 2 different solo shows, Dan Doon Rocks is an electric night showcasing his love for Aus Rock Anthems and today’s FM radio hits.

Danny Doon acoustic grooves is a little more laid back with some original arrangements of popular covers and some lightbulb tunes, with just as much energy as his rock show.
So weather you a looking for a soloist with that “real” band sound to get that party feel in your venue or, you want quieter but entertaining acoustic show, Danny is going to be the answer to your needs.

Genres Acoustic, Boogie, Country Rock, Rock
Members Danny Doon
Phone 0413 810 211
Email dandoonrocks@gmail.com
Location Lismore, NSW Australia



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