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About Me

Like a good dive bar, blues is at its most authentic when it is gritty. Delivering honesty through rusty guitar tones and an acidic rasp, Dane Overton lives that raw, unaffected blues. A native of the tiny south east Australian village of Gerringong, Dane’s powerful sound is born of both the music and geography of his upbringing... landing him somewhere between remote Australia and the Mississippi Delta. Dane Overton was raised on the fallout from the invention of the electric guitar – not just the blues but all the music that followed it... from the grandiosity of ‘70s rock to the intentional simplicity of grunge. The decades of music that have descended from the blues make up Dane Overton’s musical vocabulary as much as the blues is his language. A slew of recent touring, including supporting slots for Phil Jamison of iconic Australian rock act Grinspoon and Kim Churchill, oft considered part of the new guard in roots music down under, has afforded new and diverse audiences across Australia an opportunity to familiarise themselves with Overton’s dirty, tobacco stained brand of blues and roots music. In 2017, Dane started working with the Joy Williams Band; Darcy Wall on bass and Jak Wilson on drums. As a band, their sound is stronger, louder and more powerful than ever, giving Dane the opportunity to not only play his unique type of smoke soaked blues, but open up new avenues of songwriting. The band’s latest Single, “Bones”, a blues rock song worthy of a bar room brawl, is a brutally honest account of a worst case scenario relationship breakdown. A Wine-o’s ballad of heartbreak and demise. From the solid, distorted opening baseline, Immediately, the intentions of Dane Overton and the Joy Williams Band are clear... this is raw, dirty blues coming straight from the heart.

Genres Blues, Rock
Members Dane Overton
Jak Wilson
Darcy Wall
Influences The fumes Pearl Jam Tom Waits Nirvana Beasts of Burbon
Phone 0468630521
Email Daneovertonmusic@hotmail.com
Website http://www.daneoverton.com/
Location Wollongong, NSW Australia


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