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About Me

Five piece groove, rock, metal band that met and formed at scu College lismore in June 2017.

Writing all original songs with a cover or two thrown in for good measure an fun.

Themes are of high energy, feel good and inspiration to be and love your best.

Crunchy fast pace rifts on rythm guitar and groovy bass lines are backed by explosive and grooving, metal inspired drums.
This is layered with a Led Zeppelin inspired lead guitar and a range of vocal styles from rock n roll, rap and punk to a heavy fast past modern metal sound.

Combined is a grooving, heavy rock-metal set that you can dance and head bang to with a full charged atmosphere.

James Younger-Vocals
Connor Gutteridge-Guitar and vocals
Rob Whyte-Lead guitar
Jack Fletcher-Bass
Jake Brown-Drums

Genres Hard Rock, Metal, Party, Punk, Rap, Rock
Members James Younger
Rob Whyte
Jake Brown
Connor Gutteridge
Jack Fletcher
Influences Anything Inspirational, sight or sound
Phone 0467225916
Email jamesernestyounger@gmail.com
Website www.cafeenemaband.com.au
Location Lismore, NSW Australia


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