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About Me

Brett Hartley has played in many bands over the past 20 years, including, A Band Named Trevor, The Pink Caddies, The Barstools, Amoeba Franklin... Just to name a few.
Depending on availability, budget

or just pure greed, he now regularly performs as a soloist, duo or with anyone he can con into making him sound/look better.

Genres Acoustic, Blues, Comedy, Country, Country Rock, Easy Listening, Party, Retro, Rock'n'Roll, Rockabilly
Influences A Band Named Trevor, Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong, Chain, The Urban Chiefs, Rodney Rude, Mason Rack, Brett Hartley, Beggsy, Amoeba Franklin, Slim Dusty, Jim Jeffries, Marshall and the Fro, Chris Wilson, Muddy Waters,
Phone 0451871805
Email hartleybrett2016@gmail.com
Website facebook.com/bretthartleysolo
Location Sydney, NSW Australia

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