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Posted 24 June 2018 by Turbo Nun Entertainment Group
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It’s been a big year for the 3 piece punk rock outfit Palmerslum, with a steady stream of shows across Melbourne and fresh material to follow up their 2nd release, Bloodhounds.
The band has been in recording mode since April and is working on what could be an Album/EP but for now let’s just say that they will be releasing a single and touring NSW. The band has been working out of a secret studio. All that is known (that we can tell you at least) is that the studio is in a penthouse on the top of an office building! The recording rig up there has been used on some iconic Australian bands including Cosmic Psychos, Grinspoon, The Living End and the list goes on! The most exciting fact is the unique drum sound - The space has not been sound proofed so the sound of the kit proliferates through the building giving a huge stadium sound, add a vintage marshal and a plethora of trippy pedals and you can start to get a feel of what the band is going for.
The buzz of Palmerslum seems to keep building and has not gone unnoticed with a ton of reviews both internationally and local including Heavy Mag, The Music and even a spot on the Triple M (Melbourne) Top 20 Australian bands of 2017. It’s no surprise that Turbo Nun Entertainment Group has booked what will be Palmerslum’s first touring experience, playing on Friday the 17th of august at the Time and Tide Hotel, Saturday the 18th at the Townie, and finishing up the weekend on Sunday the 19th at Frankie’s Pizza.
Basically, if you love moshing and high-energy melodic grunge punk, then this is the band you need to see! Check out the band on Spotify and listen to Bloodhounds. A single off the new EP/Album will be released when the band feels like it.
The band also wanted to say:
“We are so fucking excited to see you Sydney, we are pretty disorganised and to have someone do all the work for us is rad! Were gonna give everything we have to make your night special because this is what we love doing- playing the room so hard that your brains are ripped out through your kneecaps an your ears are filled with sweet dirty punk nectar.”

Presented by Turbo Nun Entertainment Group.
Date: 17th August 
Time: 8pm - 12midnight
Venue: Time & Tide Hotel (Dee Why)
Support: Last Dig Academy 4 Barrel Hemi.

Date: 18th August
Time: 10pm - 1:00am
Venue: The Townie (Newtown)
Support: Black Knuckles, BUNT
Date: 19th August
Venue: Frankie's Pizza (Sydney CBD)
Time: 8pm - 11pm
Support: Black Knuckles, Australian Kingswood Factory, Earprojector


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