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SLEIGHT OF HAND, The Cambridge Hotel 6/2/2016

Posted 6 February 2016 by Adz Carter

Always good advice in one’s day to day life, and also a regular word used in association with last night’s headline act at The Cambridge: Sleight Of Hand (S.O.H).
The extremely popular Newcastle hard rock four piece released their ‘Breath’ e.p just over ten years ago (mid 2005), released a single two years later, then sadly, split shortly after. While the unanimous decision to split saw the band part on good terms, they nonetheless broke many hearts, as for a generation of Novocastrians, Sleight Of Hand were the soundtrack to their youth, much in the same way as Silverchair were to the previous generation. S.O.H kept the promise to reunite for occasional gigs, but with all four members being in Newcastle less frequently, the possibility for reunion gigs have become rather slim in recent years. So it was a rare occasion such as last night that all the boys were back in town, and back to their spiritual home of “The Cambo”.

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