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YOU AM I - The Cambridge Hotel

Posted 15 November 2015 by Adz Carter

The excitement was palpable last night with the imminent arrival of one of Australia’s premier veteran rock bands (now celebrating their 26th year) onto the stage at one of the best rock venues in town. It had been a number of years since You Am I had rocked The Cambridge, and this was also their first national tour in just over two years (When they were on the “Daily Double” tour, playing the ‘Hi Fi Way’ and ‘Hourly Daily’ albums in their entirety). As one could imagine, dozens and dozens of oh so hip looking music lovers were buzzing in anticipation, and even the multicoloured lights projected onto the walls (spelling out “YOU AM I”) were followed around the room in the same attentive way a cat follows the light from a laser pointer up a wall. A small murmur on the stage indicated that our dashing young(ish) heroes were ready to rumble, and just then, dozens of well-dressed girls and facial haired growing boys rushed towards the front of stage like they were taking part in the running of the bulls and the gates had just been opened.

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The Byron Bay Bluesfest: Picking up good vibrations!

Posted 11 November 2015 by Adz Carter

With the Airlie Beach Festival of Music still fresh in our hearts and memories, the staff here at Muso’s Garage are catching festival fever all over again. We’ve just been reminded just why we count down so far in advance of the Byron Bay Bluesfest, with the latest artist announcements promising to make the 2016 festival even more exciting. While we were soaking up the good vibes in the Whitsundays, Byron Bay confirmed they’d also be picking up good vibrations over Easter, with the one and only Brian Wilson being confirmed for the festival. Brian Wilson, the brains behind The Beach Boys, co-wrote all of the bands songs, including the hits ‘California Girls’, ‘Fun, Fun, Fun’, and of course ‘Good Vibrations’. Wilson, confirming his genius status, also penned all of the music for the standout Beach Boys album ‘Pet Sounds’ (as well as producing the album).

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Airlie Beach Festival of Music- Day Three

Posted 9 November 2015 by Adz Carter

After two big days and three big nights, our staff and extended crew could’ve easily hit a wall. But Muso’s Garage support musos as much as we possibly can, and one way we do this is by attending as many gigs as we can (Yes we know it’s a tough job, but of course someone’s got to do it). So even if we’re a little worn out, we keep on keeping on, and do it all (like the motto for Swamphouse Photography says), “For the love of live music”. After one too many shandies last night I was feeling a tiny bit cactus, but a set by Cactus at The Anchor Bar (the oh so beautiful pool bar at our resort) soon made me feel alive again. Easing the day in with a great rock n’ roll set to dozens of very relaxed poolside punters, everyone seemed happy to start their Sunday off in such a laid back way. In contrast to this vibe though, this five piece performed a great up-tempo version of ‘Crazy Mary’, the Victoria Williams song popularised by Pearl Jam.

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Airlie Beach Festival of Music- Day Two

Posted 8 November 2015 by Adz Carter

When it comes to spring time festivals, the Airlie Beach Festival of Music really does have it all. The smell of the ocean air, the sights, and of course, the sounds. This all makes for a perfect cocktail, and cocktails are also readily available here at Airlie (a fact that doesn’t hurt for those wanting to unwind). One place right near the ocean that has the sounds and cocktails covered big time is Fish D’Vine, a seafood restaurant that plays host to many acoustic artists throughout the festival. As well as being renowned for its splendid seafood and nautical/pirate theme, Fish D’Vine, also known aptly as The Rum Bar, is perhaps better known for its vast array of cocktails, and even bigger variety of bottles of rum. While I might not have been in a “Yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum” mood (especially not before 11am), I did think that one brunch-time beverage would go down a treat while watching Newcastle solo artist Tim Rossington. It had been a long time between drinks (no pun intended), so I was more than happy to see Rossington play yesterday morning. I certainly wasn’t alone either, as the rather loud “Woo”s from the diners proved that the applause was much more than just polite. As well as a stirring rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Landslide’, Rossington also treated everyone to his original ballads ‘Olivia’, ‘Go Away’, and ‘Running’. All of these originals can all be found on Rossington’s jaw droppingly brilliant EP ‘Rising’, available at Rossington’s gigs now (Hint hint...). 

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Airlie Beach Festival of Music- Day One

Posted 7 November 2015 by Adz Carter

The Airlie Beach Festival of Music is well and truly underway now, with the first full day and night of music taking place yesterday. 16 venues opened their doors and set up their stages in preparation for what awaits hundreds of lucky music lovers over three big days and nights. One of these venues was of course Magnums, who each year play host to the national final of the Passport To Airlie Band Competition. Playing just before Newcastle winners Manana, the Magnums audience was treated to the stomping swampy blues sounds of Trap Door. The singer, looking like a young Eddie Vedder, and even sounding like him too (only with a more raspy vocal style), warmed up the crowd extremely well, as did the entire band, who showed straight away that this was going to be one tough final. Manana, as usual though, gave it their all, and I for one was more than happy to see them again. It had been a while, and I was hungry for more. Soon enough, so was everyone else, as Manana began to get lots of hoots and holla only a few songs in.

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Airlie Beach Festival Of Music- The wait is finally over!

Posted 6 November 2015 by Adz Carter

Well, here we are at long last, as the Muso’s Garage staff and entourage have arrived at the waterfront wonderland that is Airlie Beach. Flying into Hamilton Island on Monday afternoon we were instantly met with fantastic warm weather and smiling faces as we made our way to our accommodation. This time ‘round, we were in a beautiful three storey house, boasting million dollar views of the marina. Our accommodation, known as Kaylan House, has proved to be a rather popular place to stay for visitors to the island, including celebrities such as the actor Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson is probably remembered most for her starring role as Penny Lane in the movie ‘Almost Famous’. If you haven’t seen it, ‘Almost Famous’ tells the tale of a travelling music journalist, so with such subject matter, it’s obviously a brilliant film...

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