Posted 27 April 2015 by Adz Carter

Hey there hair metal lovers, Adz here (aka Adzzi Sixx) welcoming you to Part One of a four part special on the kings of ‘80s glam: Motley Crue. 
A whole 34 years after forming, the buzz around this band is still red hot. Not only were Motley Crue the first of the new wave of 1980’s glam metal bands, but they were one of the few bands from that era to truly stand the test of time. When their peers, enemies, and managers (the latter of the two sometimes being one in the same) told them they couldn’t do something, they’d merely see that as a challenge. Even within their first year together they proved many doubters from their native Los Angeles wrong, and soon became the toast of the town. But while dreaming of bigger and better things, and continually looking forward, they soon learned that the clichéd road to rock n’ roll fame and fortune could be a rocky one, filled with speed bumps, and sometimes, dead ends. While many bands who experienced half of what Motley did would’ve broken down and hitch-hiked away in different directions, the guys kept travelling down the same road, just opting to take some detours instead. After marking their territory on L.A’s famed Sunset Strip, these dirty rock dogs soon took on the world. Now on the eve of the Australian crooked hind leg of their last ever tour (Oh you didn’t know? Read on...), it seems like a good a time as any to take a look back on how it all started, and why it’s all ending...

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Praise Fit For A King!

Posted 19 April 2015 by Adz Carter

North Queensland five piece King Social have been made to feel like royalty of late. Just recently, tracks off both their first e.p (‘It Goes Around’) and their lastest e.p (‘Big Man’) were nominated for awards in four different categories (Regional, Indigenous, Urban, and Country) at the Queensland Music Awards. Having seen King Social perform at the Airlie Beach Music Festival last year, it wasn’t too surprising to me that their music could be slotted in to a number of different genres. But when I got the chance to have a chat with King Social’s Stevie Mitchell (hip hop feature artist, didgeridoo and backup vocals), I was very keen to find out how this musical melting pot came to be cooked.

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Stephen Hunt

Live Music's Back At The CBD!

Posted 4 April 2015 by Adz Carter

Once upon a time...Newcastle was a magical music filled metropolis, with a band on every corner where the streets were lined with a vast array of pubs and clubs, and the night life (thanks mainly to the live music heard from such hallowed walls) was well and truly alive and kicking.

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