SLASH + STEEL PANTHER - Hordern Pavilion 24/2/15

Posted 25 February 2015 by Adz Carter

Upon walking into the Hordern last night I made sure to take note of where all the fire exits were, because with the amount of hair spray utilised by the vast majority of the ticket holders, it looked as if this venue could easily ignite.  Big hair, spandex, more mascara and eyeshadow than the makeup counter at Myers, …and that was just the guys!
Yes, this was a true rock n’ roll crowd, drawing inspiration for their look from the ‘80s hair metal genre. Being that Guns N’ Roses never really fit the glam mould, and never really tried to, it seemed that a large percentage of those in attendance were there for Steel Panther, rather than the former Gunners axe man who was headlining. It’s often odd to think of the large following that this band has, seeing as though songs like ‘Pussy Whipped’, and ‘Glory Hole’, don’t exactly get air play. Most of their song titles can’t even be read out on the radio. This is a shame, because if you take away the amusing lyrics, the songs still stand up on their own. But it doesn't matter how good the riffs are, or how catchy the song, it’s still not going to get spun by your Kyle’s and Jackie O’s.

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Is “Best” Better? The Right Choice Vs the Popular Choice

Posted 23 February 2015 by Adz Carter

As mentioned in yesterdays blog, the man many love to hate, Kanye West was seen having dinner with Taylor Swift at a New York restaurant last week. With Swift accepting West’s dinner invitation, the pair have now finally buried the hatchet, five years after the infamous MTV VMA incident. Better late than never, but nonetheless, witnessing these two sitting together breaking bread was still a surprising sight to behold for staff and fellow diners alike. Also, this peace offering from West was immediately met with skepticism by some. Many insiders have been speculating that this was less of an apology from West, and more of a p.r stunt, in lieu of the fact that West had a similar indiscretion at the Grammy awards less than two weeks ago. This was of course when Beck was receiving the Grammy Award for Best Album, and West looked as if he was about to interrupt him. Many people were shocked with Beck picking up the gong, but West was possibly the one to make it the most obvious that he felt it should’ve gone to someone else.

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'Week in Review' - Sunday 22 February 2015

Posted 22 February 2015 by Adz Carter

They say “A week is a long time in politics”, and it can also be a long time in the world of music, and a lot has happened in the last seven days.
Kanye West had an unlikely dinner guest last Tuesday night, as he was spotted at The Spotted Pig restaurant in New York, dining with Taylor Swift. West extended the olive branch to Swift, who graciously accepted his dinner invitation, thus ending a five year feud of sorts. The pair had been avoiding each other after West’s much publicised faux pas at the 2009 Mtv Video Music Awards, when Swift was presented with the Best Female Video award and West interrupted her acceptance speech. But now it seems the pair are at least on speaking terms, which is certainly a good start. Will this be the birth of a new friendship? Who knows?

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Week 7 In Review 2015

Posted 15 February 2015 by Adz Carter

Hey all, welcome to a brand new Blog for Muso’s Garage: “The Week In Review”, a weekly blog where,.. well, I don’t think this needs any further explanation...

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Bluesfest: A Brief History of 'the' time of 'your' life!

Posted 10 February 2015 by Adz Carter

Something that has become a staple at Easter time for many a music lover and many a family is the annual Byron Bay Bluesfest. The festival was founded 26 years ago by Peter Noble and Kevin Oxford, and is now highly regarded as the must attend music event for people from all across this wide brown land, and from foreign shores as well. In 2004, Oxford sold his 50% of the company to a consortium that included Michael Chugg and Glenn Wheatley, who ran the Bluesfest with Peter Noble. Then in 2008, Noble bought them out and now owns the festival outright. 

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Bad Luck Kitty = Good Luck For The Listener! (‘Bad Luck Kitty’ EP Review)

Posted 5 February 2015 by Adz Carter

After forming close to three years ago now, and being a well and truly established live act for a good twelve months or so, Adam and The Talent have started the new year off with a new name, a new ep, and with a big bang! The now renamed/rebranded Bad Luck Kitty (Adam Gear- vocals, guitar, Dean Lewis- double bass, Tom Blake- drums, vocals) have officially launched themselves as recording artists with this self-titled debut, and what a first release it is. The band has always been a killer live act, drawing from an extensive range of classic rockabilly covers, and even stronger original material. On the strength of their song writing ability, it’s no surprise that all of the tracks on this ep are penned by Bad Luck Kitty.

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The Countdown Begins to BluesFest 2015!

Posted 4 February 2015 by Adz Carter

The new year, a time where people are traditionally getting over the chaos and disorder of Christmas. Then, just when you think it’s safe to return to the shops, out come the Easter buns... This can be an unwanted and ominous sight for most people (as they dread the craziness leading up to the next religious holiday), but for me, a welcome sight. I for one love Easter for one important reason. Am I a chocoholic? No. Do I like Easter buns? No. 
So why the love of Easter? Three words: Byron Bay Bluesfest!

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The Day the Music Died!

Posted 3 February 2015 by Adz Carter

February 3rd 1959 may’ve been towards the start of the year, but this dark day was, in a big way, the end of the 1950s, and the end of 1950s rock n’ roll. The ‘50s were known as the decade that gave birth to rock n’ roll, but on one fateful night, a plane crash took the lives of three of the decades biggest icons: radio dj turned musician J.P “The Big Bopper” Richardson, Mexican rising star Ritchie Valens, and the one and only Buddy Holly. Richardson, Valens, and Holly (who had recently terminated his contract with his original band The Crickets, and had formed a new backing band) were on a tour dubbed the “Winter Dance Party”, and were to cover 24 American cities in three weeks. The tour schedule was poorly planned however, with the distance between each venue not being factored in beforehand, and soon becoming a logistic nightmare. To really rub salt into the wound was the fact that all of the musicians and the entire crew were travelling by bus. And to then squeeze lemon juice on top of the salty wound, the bus was not adequately suited to the weather, with the air con packing it in shortly after the tour commenced. The flu spread throughout all personnel, and Holly’s drummer Carl Bunch was even hospitalized with badly frostbitten feet. This was the final straw for Holly, who then decided that travelling by bus was no longer an option.

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Rock and Soul...and Blues!

Posted 1 February 2015 by Adz Carter

Tim Rossington @ The Wickham Park Hotel + Annie O’Dee @ The Premier Hotel, 1/2/15

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