SCOTT RUSSO & PHIL JAMIESON. The Cambridge Hotel, 21/12/14

Posted 21 December 2014 by Adz Carter

To paraphrase Billy Joel, it’s a pretty good crowd for a Sunday.
Even arriving here early to get a decent spot doesn’t work, as it seems the majority of the ticket holders have the same idea. The whole place is already packed just ten minutes after doors have opened, which adds to the excitement of the upcoming event. A big part of the night is mystery, as no one really knows what to expect. This is, after all, a night that has been billed as a co-headlining gig with two artists putting on an acoustic show, and neither artist is the sort that you’d immediately think of as playing acoustically (even though both have done so in the past). They are more synonymous with an electric sound, being that both come from hard rock backgrounds thanks to the bands they play in.

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Posted 4 December 2014 by Adz Carter

(*Note to self, better look away from my actual notes and stop typing for the time being, as the first band are onstage and are ready to start*). Well, they look ready anyway, but are in fact just warming up. Their respective places are filled on the stage, and now this is it. No wait, it isn’t, that was just the first twenty seconds of a song. Okay, so the house lights have gone down, so now this is definitely it. Or is it?... Apparently the light guy was just warming up too as we heard another twenty second intro. The band plays again, and this time longer than twenty seconds. This is definitely definitely it, right? Wrong. It looked to be heading that direction, but wait, the music stopped and the dj started up. But he is playing Alice In Chains now, so who’s complaining?

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KISSCHASY- The Cambridge Hotel, 29/11/14

Posted 3 December 2014 by Adz Carter

Alright, so a quick once over look at myself before I head out:

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