Posted 23 January 2017 by Adz Carter
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For many of their fans, the anticipation for Cornstalk’s debut album may’ve seemed similar to the build up for the ever elusive Guns N’ Roses ‘Chinese Democracy’ album, but the wait is finally over. Cornstalk’s ‘Pennies Fall’ is here, so if nothing else, this means that at long last, the intoxicating ‘One Chance’ is immortalised on disc. Usually a staple set opener, the studio recording completely captures the songs Eastern leanings (in a similar style to The Tea Party), while the title track gives a nice passing nod to The Black Crowes. This is an album of contrasts though, as ‘Intuition’ is reminiscent of early Pearl Jam (but with much cleaner vocals), and while all the songs on this album are positive and uplifting, ‘Back Off’ contains loads of raw aggression (but is still strangely empowering).

Other highlights include ‘Great Love’, ‘Travelling Song’ (with some great guitar work from ex Screaming Jets axe man Izzy Osmanovic), and ‘Brother Is’, but I had no problem listening to this album in it’s entirety from start to finish. This sound may not seem too accessible to fans of the Top 40, but anyone with any sort of admiration of the blues and roots genres will relish this release. There are also enough elements of regular rock n’ roll that should appease the most mainstream of tastes. ‘Pennies Fall’ will of course be absolutely loved and adored by Cornstalk’s loyal following, who now get to hear an album very worthy of the build up that came before it. Cornstalk have put together an album full of rich well crafted songs that they should be proud of, and judging by the fact that the band are riding on a high after winning the 2016 AIMA Awards Blues & Roots Artist of The Year, I doubt that many moons will pass before we see the release of album number two...

Cornstalk’s ‘Pennies Fall’ is available now on iTunes, Spotify, at Cornstalk’s shows, and via the band’s website

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