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Week 7 In Review 2015

Posted 15 February 2015 by Adz Carter

Hey all, welcome to a brand new Blog for Muso’s Garage: “The Week In Review”, a weekly blog where,.. well, I don’t think this needs any further explanation...

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Bluesfest: A Brief History of 'the' time of 'your' life!

Posted 10 February 2015 by Adz Carter

Something that has become a staple at Easter time for many a music lover and many a family is the annual Byron Bay Bluesfest. The festival was founded 26 years ago by Peter Noble and Kevin Oxford, and is now highly regarded as the must attend music event for people from all across this wide brown land, and from foreign shores as well. In 2004, Oxford sold his 50% of the company to a consortium that included Michael Chugg and Glenn Wheatley, who ran the Bluesfest with Peter Noble. Then in 2008, Noble bought them out and now owns the festival outright. 

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Bad Luck Kitty = Good Luck For The Listener! (‘Bad Luck Kitty’ EP Review)

Posted 5 February 2015 by Adz Carter

After forming close to three years ago now, and being a well and truly established live act for a good twelve months or so, Adam and The Talent have started the new year off with a new name, a new ep, and with a big bang! The now renamed/rebranded Bad Luck Kitty (Adam Gear- vocals, guitar, Dean Lewis- double bass, Tom Blake- drums, vocals) have officially launched themselves as recording artists with this self-titled debut, and what a first release it is. The band has always been a killer live act, drawing from an extensive range of classic rockabilly covers, and even stronger original material. On the strength of their song writing ability, it’s no surprise that all of the tracks on this ep are penned by Bad Luck Kitty.

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The Countdown Begins to BluesFest 2015!

Posted 4 February 2015 by Adz Carter

The new year, a time where people are traditionally getting over the chaos and disorder of Christmas. Then, just when you think it’s safe to return to the shops, out come the Easter buns... This can be an unwanted and ominous sight for most people (as they dread the craziness leading up to the next religious holiday), but for me, a welcome sight. I for one love Easter for one important reason. Am I a chocoholic? No. Do I like Easter buns? No. 
So why the love of Easter? Three words: Byron Bay Bluesfest!

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The Day the Music Died!

Posted 3 February 2015 by Adz Carter

February 3rd 1959 may’ve been towards the start of the year, but this dark day was, in a big way, the end of the 1950s, and the end of 1950s rock n’ roll. The ‘50s were known as the decade that gave birth to rock n’ roll, but on one fateful night, a plane crash took the lives of three of the decades biggest icons: radio dj turned musician J.P “The Big Bopper” Richardson, Mexican rising star Ritchie Valens, and the one and only Buddy Holly. Richardson, Valens, and Holly (who had recently terminated his contract with his original band The Crickets, and had formed a new backing band) were on a tour dubbed the “Winter Dance Party”, and were to cover 24 American cities in three weeks. The tour schedule was poorly planned however, with the distance between each venue not being factored in beforehand, and soon becoming a logistic nightmare. To really rub salt into the wound was the fact that all of the musicians and the entire crew were travelling by bus. And to then squeeze lemon juice on top of the salty wound, the bus was not adequately suited to the weather, with the air con packing it in shortly after the tour commenced. The flu spread throughout all personnel, and Holly’s drummer Carl Bunch was even hospitalized with badly frostbitten feet. This was the final straw for Holly, who then decided that travelling by bus was no longer an option.

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Rock and Soul...and Blues!

Posted 1 February 2015 by Adz Carter

Tim Rossington @ The Wickham Park Hotel + Annie O’Dee @ The Premier Hotel, 1/2/15

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Molly Meldrum turns 71...

Posted 29 January 2015 by ADZ CARTER

Hey there music lovers, it’s Adz once again, here to let you know about something previously unseen on Muso’s Garage. Recently I hinted at the inclusion of some upcoming new features on the site, and one of these features (that is starting as of, well, now) is an “On This Day” blog. Here I will write regularly about various goings on that took place on that particular day in (music) history. Be they anniversaries of album releases, the death of musicians, a band splitting up, or other noteworthy events. A bit like a newspaper’s Births, Deaths, & Marriages section, only a hell of a lot more interesting (if I do say myself).

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Posted 27 January 2015 by ADZ CARTER

A cd that made its way to the Muso’s Garage office recently was ‘Bad Blood’, the debut album by Mitch Capone, who is the nephew of the one and only Al Capone... Okay, so obviously not, but it sounded good. Plus, it is the sort of image that Mitch is wanting to be associated with, as this release emulates the same swing sound that Big Al and his gang of no good ruffians would’ve heard in speakeasies back in the roaring ‘20’s.

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The World Needs Heroes...and Cats! (Heroes album launch @ The Cambridge Hotel, and Bad Luck Kitty e.p launch @ The Wickham Park Hotel, 17/1/15)

Posted 17 January 2015 by Adz Carter

Once upon a time, way back when the Skyhooks song ‘Living In The Seventies’ was topical rather nostalgic, there lived two musicians who dreamed of much plunder, women, and glory in a musical utopia called Newcastle. Already banded together with a glamorous group known throughout the land as Rabbit, they hopped away (pun completely intended) to form an alliance with two other musicians, and thus they declared “We can be Heroes!”

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Alive in Two Zero One Five!

Posted 15 January 2015 by Adz Carter

Hey there rock n’ rollers, and welcome back to Muso’s Garage. It’s been a long time between drinks, and I trust you didn’t have too many drinks over Christmas and New Years?!?  Because if you are reading this, then obviously you lived to tell the tale. Hopefully you got through the silly season relatively unscathed, stayed safe and had fun.

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