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Lake Macquarie Yacht Club Announces Special Event this October Long Weekend featuring Australian Icon Richard Clapton

Posted 11 September 2015 by Marcus D Wright

Lake Macquarie Yacht Club is Newcastle’s latest up and coming live music venue. With picturesque views overlooking Lake Macquarie and recognised for being a premier entertainment venue, the Yacht Club is soon to be Newcastle’s favourite spot.

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Passport to Airlie - Newcastle HEAT FIVE Battle of the Bands Competition 3/9/15

Posted 4 September 2015 by Adz Carter

They say the joker is wild, and so was last night’s Heat of the Passport To Airlie Band Competition, being that Heat Five was the special Wild Card round, featuring the runners up from the first four Heats of this comp. Wangi solo artist Wesley Edgerton, performing under the stage name Wesley’s Edge, was dealt to the audience first, having a good hand on the acoustic guitar, a smooth soulful voice, and an extra ace up his sleeve (okay, I’m done with the card puns now), with the addition of a loop station. At a time where loop stations are a tad overdone, Wesley made unique use of his on the original ‘Time To Shine’, and on his brilliant cover of Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’. ‘For Tyler’ was a heartfelt original about his son, and the emotion transcended throughout the entire room, as it did on Wesley’s faithful take on Live’s big hit ‘Lightening Crashes’. Had Wesley finished here, he still would’ve left everyone elated, but what was to follow arguably trumped the rest of the set, with an amazing trifecta of songs wrapped up with a medley that was a tribute of sorts to comedy band Tripod’s ‘Four Chord Song’, including ‘Beautiful’ by James Blunt, ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’ by Elton John, ‘With Or Without You’ by U2, ‘Not Pretty Enough’ by Kasey Chambers, ‘Let Her Be’ by The Beatles, ‘When I Come Around’ by Green Day, ‘Take On Me’ by A-Ha, ‘Save Tonight’ by Eagle Eye Cherry, and even ‘Barbie Girl’ by Aqua. It was this fun performance that made Wesley’s Edge a must-watch act, and set a precedent for the rest of the evening.

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Passport to Airlie - Newcastle - HEAT FOUR Battle of the Bands Competition 27/8/15

Posted 28 August 2015 by Adz Carter

The Passport To Airlie Band Comp has already been quite a journey, and last night was no exception, as another amazing Heat (Heat Four) took place again at The Wickham Park Hotel. The Plastic Voyage got the night’s trip underway with the funky original ‘Shark Bite Beautiful’, and the even funkier ‘Love Bite’. The jazzy/scat song ‘Imagination’ kept with the “Bite” theme of the first two numbers, as there didn’t seem to be a single person in the room who hadn’t been bitten by the band at this point. ‘Giving It Up To You’ got back to the funk that was part 70’s style, part Red Hot Chili Peppers. When this six piece busted out ‘My Baby Loves To Disco’, it seemed the crowd loved to disco too, as a few people had donned their dancing shoes and were cutting the rug. Not bad at all for a band in the opening slot! ‘The Long Tanned Call Girl’ seems like it would be the perfect soundtrack if someone was to hire a call girl (I’m not here to judge...), and ‘The Only Time You Rest Is When You Die’ made the lead singer sound like the love child of Tom Waits and Nick Cave. Whilst this song displayed the singer’s gravelly style vocals, and diverse range, many times he displayed vocals more reminiscent of Michael Hutchence. There appeared to be other elements of INXS here too, but with the addition of bongos as well as powerhouse drums, rhythm and lead guitar, and bass lines that INXS’s Gary Beers might have trouble pulling off. One word: Wow!

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Passport to Airlie - Newcastle HEAT 3 Battle of the Bands Competition 20/8/15

Posted 22 August 2015 by Adz Carter

August 20th, the birthday of Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin, “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott from Pantera, and Adz Carter from Muso’s Garage. And what better way to spend one’s birthday than surrounded by the good folk at The Wicko, bearing witness to Heat Three of the Passport To Airlie Band Competition. Sadly Dimebag is no longer with us, and Mr Plant presumably missed his flight, but I was there to cover the night in their honour.

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Passport to Airlie - Newcastle HEAT 2 Battle of the Bands competition 13/8/15

Posted 14 August 2015 by Adz Carter

Well readers, it was that time of the week last night when many likeminded folk came together at The Wickham Park Hotel to indulge in some amazing live music, absolutely free of charge. Heat Two of the Passport To Airlie band competition took place last night from 6pm at The Wicko, and further confirmed that the comp is another reason to celebrate the end of the week.

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Posted 7 August 2015 by Adz Carter

Well fellow music lovers, it’s August again, a month when people from all over come together as one to celebrate something monumental, and I’m not just talking about my birthday... August marks the start of the Newcastle leg of the Passport To Airlie Band Competition, an event where artists battle it out for their chance to a spot at the amazing Airlie Beach Festival of Music (as well as four nights accommodation and a cash prize of $1000). Last night, Heat One of this prestigious competition got underway, with the Wickham Park Hotel playing host to five fabulous artists.

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Passport To Airlie, Your Passport To Great Entertainment

Posted 5 August 2015 by Adz Carter

August, a month I’ve always looked forward to each and every year. One reason being an egotistical one, as it’s the month of my birthday, and the other reason being that it’s the last month of winter (which of course means spring is always just around the corner).
But now I have a whole new reason to get excited about August, as this year is when the annual Passport To Airlie band competition will take place.

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The Stag is now a brand new beast!

Posted 4 June 2015 by Adz Carter

The Stag & Hunter’s rebirth, and foray into live music.

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Posted 18 May 2015 by Adz Carter/Adzzi Sixx

Quite often, when one attends a lot of gigs, it is very easy to have a lot of preconceived notions about how your experience is going to be. You may walk in with the mindset that the curtain pulling act will only be suitable background music at best, the main support will not have adequate time to do their music or their performance justice, and the headliners, who are not as young as they used to be, will not be sounding too crash hot. It’s at times like this though, that it’s very refreshing to be wrong...
Motley Crue’s Sydney show on the Australian leg of “The Final Tour” kicked off with Central Coast band RedHook, who had won a competition held by Triple M to land the support slot. Despite only having an allotted time for around five songs (including a very faithful cover of Tracey Bonham’s cult hit ‘Mother Mother’), this five piece rock band (who were similar in sound and style to Sydney band A Girl’s A Gun) very successfully warmed up an extremely receptive crowd, who sung along when asked to, and gave much more than just polite applause after each song. No easy task either, considering that these rock fans were anticipating a co-headlining show featuring two of the most iconic acts of the last 40 plus years. 

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2015 = YEAR SIXX (Motley Monday: Part Three)

Posted 11 May 2015 by Adz Carter/Adzzi Sixx

Always having his finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest music, Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue mastermind/bass player) has relaunched his new band, and once again they have tapped into the modern day sound. Forming in 2007 and releasing their debut album the same year, Sixx: A.M have found their niche with a rock vibe that’s fresh and new, and whilst slotting in perfectly alongside the new age of rock, still sounds distinctly Sixx. The band came to be when Nikki was jamming with his one time Motley song writing collaborator James Michael. Around this time, Nikki came across some long forgotten journals that chronicled his day to day life when he was addicted to heroin for almost an exact calendar year (Christmas ’86- Christmas ’87). The journal entries became the basis for ‘The Heroin Diaries’ book, and the book in turn inspired an outpouring of song writing. To write the songs that were Motley in nature, yet still not suitable for Crue recordings, the pair were introduced to Guns N’ Roses guitarist DJ Ashba (who is not a DJ as his name may suggest), and the trio wrote ‘The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack’. Released in ’07 at the same time as Nikki’s book, this was to be the debut album of the newly named Sixx: A.M (the title coming from the last names of Sixx, Ashba, and Michael). In ’11, Sixx: A.M would go on to record the follow up album ‘This Is Gonna Hurt’, which tied in with Nikki’s photo journal of the same name.

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