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About Me

“It’s who we are Just Us” sings Billy Bridge on the anthem “Just Us,” the opening track on “Stories Through Time”, the outstanding new album that brings to the fore the song writing talents that were highlighted on his earlier recordings.

Billy’s relaxed, warm and distinctive vocals, sooth you and guide you on a journey through time, places and events that shaped the great country of ours.

The songs are back to his strength, beautiful stories like his 2003 hit Mallee Dust which earned him Independent Awards and a Golden Guitar finalist nomination in 2004 for Best New talent.

Since that time this songwriter has evolved and developed his craft through to this present day where the entire album encapsulates his finest work.

Stories through time, produced by Mick Lockhart of Parkway Studios in Townsville has already spawned number one hits, his first single released “If I Get to the Rainbow” topped the national chart and spent an amazing 28 weeks in the national top 40. With the second single “Fluoro Collar” also topping charts. Achieving another national number 1 with the epic love story “We Knew” a duet with his amazingly talented wife Rebecca Lee Nye, his new single "Just Us" is sure to be a major success.

Billy has continued to perform, write and play music from his heart and music inspired buy our great people and places. Stories through time is his opus, a collection of songs that are so strong they stand alone, but blended create a journey through the tapestry of Australian life.

Genres Country
Members Can do a combination of Solo / Duo / Trio or band

Billy Bridge - Solo
Rebecca Lee Nye - Duo / trio / band
Penelope Somerville - Duo / Trio / Band - Fiddle
Josh Verco - Band Bass
Charley Phyphers - band Drums
Influences Paul Mccartney Jackson Brown The Eagles The Beatles Johnny Cash George Strait paul kelly
Email billy.bridge@bigpond.com
Website http://www.billybridge.com
Location Toowoomba, QLD Australia


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